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  What is the BIM Texas Alliance?

It is a coalition of practitioners in the building construction industry including but not limited to owners, developers, architects, contractors, facilities managers, technology providers, lawyers, and educators, who are interested in advancing the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) during the building’s life cycle from design through construction to maintenance.

  Mission of the BIM Texas Alliance

It is to carry on research and development in the area of Building Information Modeling (“BIM”). More specifically, the BIM Texas Alliance will:

a) Conduct, sponsor, fund, direct and otherwise promote development and demonstration of BIM that will improve productivity in design, construction, and maintenance of a building;

b) Provide a forum for the examination and discussion of technical and scientific issues in terms of using BIM.

  Who should join?

Any legally constituted entity is eligible to be a member of the BIM TEXAS ALLIANCE. Those who are interested in joining the BIM Texas Alliance should contact Dr. Julian Kang at or call 979-845-7055.

  Member's Benefits

Membership in the BIM Texas Alliance offers the opportunity to actively participate in the process of advancing the use of BIM in Texas, and access to the following benefits:

  • Research – Committees of the BIM Texas Alliance take a lead in resolving issues in terms of better utilizing BIM and increasing productivity in the course of design, construction and facilities management. Graduate and undergraduate students supervised by the professors across Texas assist the industry led investigations. Example projects to be executed include but not limited to:
    • Investigation of the various BIM contract policies, manuals, and rules used by various owners across Texas.
    • Development of the framework for evaluating the organization's BIM execution capacity.
  • Project Deliverables – All members have access to any and all project deliverables.
  • Networking and Team Building – Participation in the BIM Texas Alliance will provide a focused group networking, which results in professional friendship and knowledge sharing.
  • Annual Conference – The BIM Texas Alliance hosts the Annual Conference that includes plenary sessions, keynotes, breakout session, and technology showcase. The conference committee consisting of members take a lead in developing the conference agenda. Two complimentary conference registrations will be offered for the member organizations.
  Membership Dues

$2,500 for Professional Service Providers and Architectural Firms (subject to change)

$5,000 for General Contractors and Specialty Contractors (subject to change)

$10,000 for Technology Providers and Manufacturers (subject to change)


Board of Directors – The principal policy-making body consisting of not more than 15 members representing owners in the construction industry.

Advisory Board - The Advisory Board serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors. The Advisory Board consists of not more than 30 members representing professional service providers, contractors, technology providers, and manufacturers in the construction industry.

Committees - Committees can be established to perform specific tasks for the BIM Texas Alliance. Any such committee elects a chairman and officers from its membership.

Local Chapters - Local chapters can be formed to perform such general or specific duties of the BIM Texas Alliance. Any such local chapter elects a chairman and other officers from its membership.

Director - The Director is the Chief Executive Officer of the BIM Texas Alliance and also a member of the Board of Directors. The director is responsible to 1) direct all BIM Texas Alliance functions, 2) Initiate and promote programs which serve the mission of the BIM Texas Alliance, and 3) Coordinate, assist and monitor all committees and their programs.

Treasurer - The treasurer is the chief financial officer of the BIM Texas Alliance and maintains adequate and correct books and records of account.

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