BIM Texas 2012
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A Scan‐to‐BIM Strategy

Jennifer Taylor (Dewberry) and Larry Hlavacek (Dewberry)

The Major General Emmett J. Bean Federal Center is comprised of 1.6 million square feet of federal tenant space near Indianapolis, Indiana. As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, Dewberry designed a 2.0 mega‐watt Photovoltaic Rooftop Array. To meet these challenges, a Scan‐to‐BIM strategy was employed documenting the as‐built conditions and creating a BIM model for energy modeling, solar PV studies, architectural design and facilities management. Scanning and BIM procedures and quality control plans were created. Model sharing strategies with multiple teams, locations, and phases of the project were developed and Level of Development standards were created to ensure the model would have the content and future flexibility to be used as a Facilities Management tool.


1921 San Antonio River Walk Theater to 2012 BIM AEC Coordination, Preservation, and Practical Innovation

William F. Ikerd II, IKERD Consulting

This session documents a case study of the San Antonio Tobin Center for the Performing Arts project. This project included building a new five story performance hall inside the existing concrete and stone façade of a 1921 performance hall. The company’s team performed onsite laser scanning of the inside of the 3 story existing structure for construction coordination. The session will review how the team used laser scanning to acquire the field geometry. Next it will show how the point data is with BIM applications to define critical cross section in the structure. Next these cross sections were used to create a 3D Model of the existing building for design coordination. Finally both the point clouds and BIM were used in Navisworks to construction trade coordination. A discussion of how owners and building teams should use laser scanning will also be included.


Parkland Hospital - Post Tension Wall Modeling

Craig Williams, Cody Connell, and Kevin Yu (Austin Commercial-BARA JV)

At New Parkland Hospital (NPH) in Dallas, Texas, design dictated that there be natural light (sunlight) provided to the level four rooms thru light wells.  In order to achieve this feat, cantilevered and spanned sections were required within the structure to allow open space from level five to level ten.  Levels 10 through 18 have a section that overhangs approximately 60 feet creating a cantilever.  Additionally, there is a 121 foot span of concrete deck without any support from underneath.

The design team elected to go with multi-strand post tension concrete reinforcement to support the level ten through level eighteen loads imposed at these areas.

The following challenges accompany multi-strand post-tension construction:

    • Design coordination (post tension and engineer of record drawings) 
    • Specially designed shoring system
    • Coordination of materials (rebar, PT duct, concrete, miscellaneous embeds) with little to no   tolerance.
    • Massive concrete placement with an average pour size of approximately 800 yd.³
    • Sequencing to meet the fast pace schedule requirement
    • Thermal control plan
    • Stage stressing

Having these foreseen challenges, BARA decided to utilize the valuable tool of 3-D modeling for clash detection, QA/QC, and sequencing.


Cloud Computing and how it will Affect the AEC Industry

Darrell Smith (Mendicant Architect)

Cloud Computing, while not new in concept, has begun to infiltrate businesses of all types. With recent technological advances combined with a reduction of the cost of bandwidth, Cloud Computing has become a reality as well as the preferred method of doing business today. Regarding BIM and IDP, this capability has a direct value to our industry and will not only revolutionize the way we do business, but will accentuate the benefits and value of BIM and IDP to project teams. It will improve collaboration, workflows, and efficiencies for everyone in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry.


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