BIM Texas 2012
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Breakout Session Presenters


BIM for Estimating

Chris Tschirhart, Turner Construction

This session will demonstrate how construction estimating will change as the industry moves toward Building Information Modeling. We will quickly review the current methods of estimating using tools such as a digitizer, AutoCAD, and third party on-screen take off tools. The emphasis of the session will be how BIM is used during the estimating process. The focus of the presentation will be on a current Turner Construction project for the Veteran Affairs Hospital in Austin Texas that is to be completed in the spring 2013. We will look at how Turner interacted directly with the design team to pull accurate quantities from the model, and how Turner used the quantities for the final estimate.


Challenges in BIM: 2005, 2010, 2020

Andy Gajbhiye, Joeris General Contractors

BIM is an enabler. However, Architects/Engineers/Contractors/Owners have been consistently facing challenges in planning, implementing and executing BIM services for the last 10 years. Why? There is apparently a tangible need to discuss what those challenges were in the past, how they have been overcome, which of those challenges still exists in the present, and what challenges we may face as we enter into the 2020 era. These challenges can be categorized into: BIM implementation, project size, owner’s expectation, weak contracts, evolving technologies and interoperability, model based coordination trends, challenges in taking BIM to the field, model based estimation challenges, model sharing and development protocols, challenges for facilities manager/management.


The Owner’s Enterprise BIM for Lifecycle Operations

Chris Tisdel (Gehry Technologies)

An enterprise level, building information modeling (BIM) “Rosetta stone” for all users from the capital program side to the operations side of any project.  A discussion of process and tools to coordinate and migrate mission critical information through the design and construction phases to the Owner's maintenance and lifecycle operations phase using BIM models in a cloud-based platform, connected to CMMS, CAFM, BAS, BMS and other Owner-related systems. 
Project examples of converting and collaborating using 3D models from anywhere on any device without the original 3D authoring application will be shown.  The process and technology described allows any Owner to utilize BIM deliverables from any AEC professional for day-one operations. 
This presentation will give summary of the future integration of BIM models and data to the entire Owner ecosystem and help the related stakeholders understand the value, efficiency and risk mitigation offered by this integration.  The ability to house and utilize, from one central facility information repository, will also be shown.  This presentation will also discuss how BIM models can be incorporated into an integrated workplace management system (IWMS).


How Owners request BIM with Level Of Development, When to Draw the Line
(And Where to MODEL IT!)

William F. Ikerd II, IKERD Consulting

The presentation will provide an in-depth discussion of considerations for owners in requesting BIM requirements for Level Of Development (LOD). The discussion will address models at the different stages in a building life cycle: Design, Construction and Ownership. The framework of the discussion will consider the new AGC AIA BIM Guide for owners the presenter is co-authoring. This new guide expands the AIA E202 with graphical examples. The content will discuss how models are used by architects, mechanical engineers, construction managers, sub-contractors and fabricators. Most importantly the presentation will discuss how each of these stakeholders uses models differently and need different content. This will demonstrate how the newly LOD BIM that the presenter contributed in authoring can be used to define team expectation of what should be modeled. Practical examples of model detail issues will be shown along with effective approaches to resolve the challenges of using BIM planning tool.


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